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  1. alfred adebare

    I bought a new 2 ton Daikin AC from Pankaj Electronics in Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi in March. I chose Daikin because of my earlier experience that Daikin ACs are silent. I was wrong. The AC started making noise shortly after installation. I went back to Pankaj Electronics who gave me the no. of the dealer/distributor. I called the distributor and their technician after 2 visits couldn’t fix the problem, declared that my indoor unit would need to be replaced with a new one and lodged a complaint on my behalf. I called a SMS with the complaint no. and I called the toll free no. given. The call center passed on the no. of some dealer who would deal with the problem. I got a visit from the dealer’s technicians who after fiddling around with the indoor unit declared that it would need to be re-installed. They were to come back to re-install it but they never returned. I kept calling the mobile no. they provided me. Each time they would promise to give a call back which they never did. Eventually they stopped picking up the phone. I gave another complaint on the toll free no. (LKO120402487) at which I was promised someone would visit my house, which didn’t happen. After much follow up when a technician eventually turned up at my place, he declared that the AC was okay though there was no electricity when he visited. Of course, my wife refused to sign the job card. I have had a bad experience with Daikin and am very disappointed. My AC is not silent – defeating the very purpose for which I paid Rs. 45,000. I could have just bought some other other brands. I hope Daikin would uphold customer satisfaction and either replace the indoor unit or the entire AC or fix the problem. The technicians do not seem to understand the problem with the AC and I am being portrayed as a difficult customer. A dissatisfied customer would always be a difficult customer – ask anyone who pays Rs. 45,000 for an AC!!!

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